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SOLD: Sales Post: 1 Asos Curve bodycon dress sz UK20
Guess who, right?
SOLD: Asos Curve Bodycon Dress, size UK20Collapse )

Born and Frye shoes (size 9), Boden, Dotty P, J.Crew, 14/16, L/XL with detailed pictures, this way
Guess who, right?
New items! Born and Frye shoes (size 9), Boden, Dotty P, J.Crew, 14/16, L/XL with detailed pictures, this wayCollapse )

(no subject)
Guess who, right?
Boden, Vintage, J.Crew, Anthro, Gap, 14/16, L/XL/XXL, with detailed pictures, this wayCollapse )

Sales Post: Lots of tops, jackets, sweaters, jeans, skirts, and more! (Sizes 12-20)
New items just added!! Reduced prices on older items, lots of items for $5 or less!Collapse )

Sales Post: Size Large upto 1x a Few Sweaters & Dresses Lots of Jewelry>>
Click here to see Sweaters,Dresses,Tops & JewelryCollapse )

Sales Post: kitten heels, booties, nike dunks & flatsCollapse )

This community is so awesome it inspired me to join LJ! So there!
*waves pompons* Go Inbetweenies! Rah rah rah!

erhm... Ahoy! I've read Fats for a year or more and loved the sartorial fun, but never posted there for various reasons -- one of which was that I'm not on LJ. Or wasn't until recently. Well, seeing this community get active has inspired me to take the plunge! Y'all are just that kickass!! Wooo!

I'm usually around a US size 14, 5'6", and I don't have much of a sense of style but am trying to learn. Pleased to meetcha.

styling advice
skirt and shoes
i'm cleaning out my closet today, and i found a pair of boots i have totally forgotten about.

the farylrobin lacey lace-up boot, mid-calf

i like lace-up boots on other people, but i just don't know pair them with my stuff. all i can think of is wearing them with jeans. i also think these may be too tough for my general aesthetic. would it be okay to pair these with more feminine items?

idk. i'm lost. so, um, help?? plz?!
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MOD POST, again. Hopefully last for a bit.
I was hoping to not have to do this so soon, but I think that it is time to address a few things.

I am thrilled this community is getting more traffic, as I am sure that the other mods and maintainer/s are. BUT, and there is always a but.....

I understand a lot of this is coming out of a reaction from the post in fatshionista. It took us all by surprise. We get that. It hurt. It is a bit, well, unfair to all of a sudden feel unwelcome in a community that some of us have been active members in for years. inbetweenies was started by delicatebone to fill in the gap, so to speak, for those of us that are on the smaller end of the spectrum, the not quite able to always find our sizes in the straight sized stores, and the ones that don't quite fit into the sizes in the plus sized stores, either. Personally speaking, measuring in at 44-36/37-44, i have one hell of a time finding clothes that fit. It is hard finding jeans that don't leave the dreaded gap in the back, muffin top(although that is less now for various reasons that I am not going to go into- that can be for another time), and I hate belts. I have sensory problems, and belts set them off. and being at that height- somewhere between 5ft 6-7in, for whatever reason inseams confound me. So I really am in between sizes. I wear, according to different designers, anywhere from a 12 to an 18, but mostly a 14/16. And, I have no clue what I weigh. Last doctors visit I was told I weighed what I was at when I got pregnant with my son, and considering those clothes fit again, and are 10 years old and coming back into style, whatever.

So- having said that, we do need to set some ground rules. Like fats, not everyone here is going to be female identified. Now, we aren't going to go and scold you for the intros, but it does need to be said. So, remember that, or at least keep it in mind. We also welcome talk about politics, and all sorts of other things besides fashion, but hey, I like knowing about sales as much as everyone else.

It comes to this- what do you want? I know fats has the coupons/sales alerts/all that perma post, but, well, is that easy to navigate? Would something better work here? I know that I am shoe, er, well, my husband says, oh great, do you really need more shoes as he points to the boxes of lovingly organized by color, style and season or year round wear ability shoes, so I get bulletins from multiple shoe clearing houses and other sales places daily. Sometimes I get amazing notifications of one day only deals on shoes like Fluevogs and Danskos and Campers and Jimmy Choos, but feel like those notifications went to waste on fats. So- any ideas on what to do with coupon and special deal email or other notifications here? Other mods? Ideas?

The other thing that has been brought to my attention is that we need to pretty up the community. Right now it is a basic account. I have had a permanent account since forever, so I have no idea what the options are for the basic accounts. delicatebone picked this one, and I am not comfortable changing this without her ok. She and I are both maintainers, but she founded the community, so any changes like that are up to her. If you do have any great ideas, email one of us, and we will see what we can do.

I think that is it. I look forward to this community being more active, hearing suggestions on we can do to improve things, and go from there. I have some OOTDS to post as soon as I can figure out just how to get my .me/.mac account to talk to lj(yes, I am seriously challenged when it comes to things like this) and am hoping to working a bit more with some of the other communities so we can at least share info and maybe pool some knowledge. subculturefats is a great community for those of us that are into well, the more, well, check them out. Also, please let us know about any regional or city communities that might work for arranging meet ups or clothing swaps- I know of twincitiesfats but was wondering if there are any for east central Illinois, specifically Champaign-Urbana, or even Bloomington, Springfield, or willing to drive into the Chicago area, as I am planning to be there fairly soon.

Please- share ideas, let us know what you want to see, with in reason, and we can see what we can do. I am loving that we have gotten so much more traffic here, I just hate the reason for it.

(no subject)
stand alone
So I went to a wedding almost two weeks ago. Sadly I didn't get a picture of me in my fabulous dress I wore to the (evening) reception. I did however get a few of me in the dress I wore to the ceremony.

ceremony wearCollapse )